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title pic Book Review: Unconditional Love by Andrew Grey

Posted by Becky Condit on July 29, 2012

BLURB: Can a person’s life change in just one day? How about seven?

Donald Pottier and Jason Greene are barely more than boys when they meet on Chincoteague Island, Virginia. A day of crabbing soon turns them from strangers to friends, then to something more, but the boys’ time is limited: at the end of the summer, Jay will leave Don and the island behind.

But Fate has more in store for Don and Jay than a summer of might-have-beens. Through eleven years of friendship, pain, love, loss, sickness, and misfortune, seven days stand out. Seven days define and shape the people they are and the relationship they share. Seven days of reunions and separations, accidents and serendipity, rejection and acceptance, disappointment and hope lay the foundation no romance can survive without: unconditional love.

Title: Unconditional Love
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Series: 7 Days
Genre: glbt, contemporary
Length: 197 pages
Favorite Character: Jay
Favorite Quote: “You agreeing to be my partner and husband for the rest of our lives is all I’ll ever need.”

MRS CONDIT’S OPINION: Tear-jerker. Andrew Grey writes passionate stories but they are not usually quite as emotionally intense as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Two teenagers, both gay, one poor, the other rich, meet one summer and connect soulfully.
Over the next decade these young men meet obstacle after obstacle, including parental rejection, loss of a beloved mother, separation, bullies, cancer, and even amnesia. I haven’t seen the amnesia trope used in a long time but it is so well done here I expect to see it rediscovered by other authors as a romance novel cliché. I hope they take note of how to do it properly.
It may seem a little far-fetched that lovers who are separated for stretches of five years or more would be able to pick up where they left off, but Don and Jay manage to break each other’s heart several times just by parting ways.
I loved this book and used several hankerchiefs to get through it.I’m going to go off on a tangent here to explain why I use cloth handkerchiefs instead of tissues. A reusable hankie leaves a smaller footprint ecologically than a trash can full of used tissues, first of all. But think about it this way, and you have to know what paper and cloth are actually made from… would you rather scrub your eyes and tender nose with a piece of wood or a piece of cotton? I choose soft, washable cotton. OK, back to the review.
Mr. Grey is right in his premise. You never know what the lifetime result of the incidents of one day, let alone a series of days will be. I loved the characters’ growth in this story from one timid teenager and one confident teenager to two strongly self-assured, successful men. The HEA is hard earned and pleasing. Mr. Grey can pull at my heart-strings anytime.

MRS CONDIT’S RATING: 4 1/2 Sweet Peas!

COMMENT PROMPT: If you lost your memory would you expect to re-learn to love your family and expect them to stand by you anyway?