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title pic Book Review: Western Ties by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon

Posted by Becky Condit on March 16, 2012

Title: Western Ties
Author: Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon
Publisher: Samhain
Series: Compass Brothers #4
Genre: contemporary, western, BDSM, erotic, romance
Length: 218 pages

SUMMARY: How strong are the ties that bind?

Compass Brothers, Book 4

Leah Hollister’s sex life needs a swift kick in the pants. Small-town Compton Pass, though, isn’t the place to explore her need for bondage. When she gets an invitation to a BDSM party out in LA, she wastes no time booking a flight.

Her plan to play anonymously is shot to hell when she runs into high-school crush Sawyer Compton—and he lays immediate claim to her.

Sawyer Compton commands total control, in and out of the bedroom. He never thought Leah could handle his darker urges, but one look at the white bracelet that marks her as a sub ripe for the picking, and he knows exactly how this night is going to end. With Leah in his bed.

Leah didn’t expect to enjoy the comfort Sawyer’s familiarity brings, even as his touch takes her to unimaginable heights of pleasure. When bad news from home sends him reeling, she’s more than prepared to offer him anything he needs: her body, her friendship. Even her heart—if Sawyer can loosen the reins over his own to accept her love.

Product Warnings
Invest in tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. Between spicy, set-the-sheets-on-fire bondage romps and the last Compass brother coming home, you’ll need them.

COMMENT PROMPT: Do you attend family reunions?

LADY MCNEILL’S OPINION: I had the pleasure of meeting Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon at Lora Leigh’s RAW2011 last October. As I was waiting to get autographs signed I noticed some cards advertising Northern Exposure which featured two hot cowboys and a beautiful cowgirl on the cover. When I learned it was an m/m/f western story I had to have it. In fact I went right up to my hotel room and buy now and started reading it. I ended up skipping one of the author round tables. So started my love of the Compass Brothers!
As I’ve gone through the series, I’ve just grown more and more in love with the Compton family. Leading into this story I’ve known there was going to be a really sad part involving JD and his fight against cancer. It was hard at first opening the book knowing what I was most likely going to have to deal with but the story was just too important and life doesn’t always end on a happy note. It was definitely well worth it though.
The prologue opens with Sawyer when he is leaving home after turning 18 to start his new life off the ranch. As with the other books, it gives us a glimpse of their hopes and aspirations with the realization they are moving away. For Sawyer it also means leaving his twin Sam, which was a lot to give up. Fast forward seven years and he’s had a great Coast Guard career and trying to decide if he should reenlist. And what better place to do some decision making and get some R&R than at a BDSM party where he finds his high school friend Leah Hollister looking for a Dom. Having read several BDSM stories, I considered this BDSM lite so don’t expect any hardcore dom/sub scenes. Sawyer and Leah are still hot between the sheets so I have no complaints at all just wanted to prepare my friends who have read some BDSM.
Overall the story moves at a fast pace similar to the past books though I’ve always wanted the stories to be longer. I love books that incorporate past characters and of course here the whole family is back together. We are treated to the highs and lows in life so grab some tissues but also be prepared to laugh and smile. I’m sad thinking this is the end of the series because I’d love to know more what happens next with everyone. I think Jake the ranch hand needs an HEA..just sayin’! 

LADY MCNEILL’S EVALUATION: 4 blissful sweet peas!

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