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title pic Will Parkinson: An Interview Under the Influence

Posted by Becky Condit on February 18, 2014

 photo dentistlittleshopofhorrors.jpgToday we have the much anticipated interview with Will Parkinson following anesthesia and oral surgery. Thank you everyone who volunteered these wonderful questions. Will answered them during an… interesting Skype session. KC Wells was there to be sure this stayed honest and true. *snort*
Here are the questions and answers in the order they were received.
Question 1: Will, bears or otters, and why?
Answer 1: Bears. Otters are way too young.
 photo tumblr_meziwkHgbX1rhxd21o1_500.gifQ 2: Did he molest the dentist while comatose
A 2: (with real horror in his voice) Ew. No. I shook his hand. That was enough.
Q 3: (obviously trying to catch him higher than I was able) What color is the invisible elephant when it’s in a purple room, under a marshmallow sky?
A 3: *laughing* No color. It’s invisible
Q 4 (actually a statement): It’s kind of like sending a drunk woman into a bathroom with all urinals.
A 4: Must be the voice of experience there.
Q 5: Will Benny and Addy ever get to have sex? (I sometimes hate YA)
A 5: Pleading the 5th
Q 6: And if they do, describe, please. In detail.
A 6: Pleading the 5th again.
Q 7: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
A 7: He repeated it and several more tongue twisters. The man has a talented mouth! *hee hee*
Q 8: You’re going to Disney! What character do you see first and why?
A 8: I like Renaissance Festivals so I would want to see Gaston.
Q 9: What about visiting privileges to Manada?……Could I have just one weekend pass?
A 9: Only if the price is right.
Q 10: Most embarrassing high school memory?
A 10: True story… Passing out in the biology lab and getting 30 stitches to close the wound after going to the hospital in an ambulance. I saw all the blood and thought someone was feeding the snake.
Q 11: Where is the gold buried?
A 11: In me Lucky Charms
Q 12: What have I got on my pocket?
A 12: My favorite Misfit. The questioner will get this.
Q 13: Feel better… (since I’m going under on the 28th… I’ll not take advantage setting a fine example)
A 13: Can I take advantage of you while you are under?
Q 14: If I accidentally bred a unicorn with a mandrill, what would I get, and how do I get it out of my kitchen?
A 14: A manicorn, of course, but why are you breeding things in your kitchen?
Q 15: What is his real opinion of Z and Eden?
A 15: I love them both.
Q 16: What does Benny do under the influence of Xanax and Nitrous Oxide.
A 16: Benny gets very snuggly. (to a chorus of “awww” from the women on the Skype session)
Q 17: What was the first words out of his mouth?
A: 17: Gah gah
Thank you everyone who participated in this Second in a Series of interviews:
Will Parkinson Under the Influence.